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Light and Shadow Photography, Destination Wedding Wedding photographer in Kitchener Waterloo.

Destination Wedding Package Investment

Have a peace of mind knowing that your local wedding photographer will photograph your destination wedding.

No location is too far for Light and Shadow Photography. We will make your dream destination wedding a memory to cherish forever.

We will go to any location you like; "Brazil, Chile, Venezuela and all South America," "Belize, El Salvador, Panama and all Central America," "Canada, Mexico, Greenland and all North America," "UK, Spain, Greece and all Europe," "Barbados, Cayman Islands, Bahamas and all the Caribbean," "Japan, India, Indonesia and most of Asia," "Hawaii, Australia, French Polynesia and all Oceania Region.

With over 30 years of photography experience in wedding photography, we will plan your destination wedding photography to the smallest details. We will search location sites to make your images exquisite and unique. We will bring all your images home where we can get together to plan your wedding album and wall portraits. Having a photographer that will go to your destination wedding is an invaluable peace of mind.

All Packages Include:

Other Available Services:

Services Description:

Destination Wedding Photography

One of the most important question on a Destination Wedding is: Who will be your photographer?

Hiring a photographer from your destination or a photographer from the hotel on your destination can be very low cost but also can be a nightmare. You will never get to meet your photographer prior to your event nor will you be able to meet during post production. You also won't experience his/hers work in person during a photo session like an engagement photo session.

The benefits of hiring a professional photographer close to your home town area and travel with you, will give you a peace of mind and the confidence that you know his work first hand. You will meet with us prior to your wedding day and even experience how we photograph on your engagement photo session. Having a photographer based close to you is making sure your photos will be just the way you dreamed. The post work will be reviewed by you in person prior to your final order is delivered, something almost impossible with a hotel or a photographer from your destination wedding.

We usually would arrive two or three days prior to your wedding day, and quite often flying the same flight as the wedding party providing more beautiful photo opportunities. We scout all locations and find the most beautiful and unique places to photograph your wedding day and most of times we can even stay a couple of extra days for extra honeymoon photos.

Your unique Destination Wedding will be photographed creatively and professionally and you deserve this peace of mind.

Destination Wedding Photography Investment & Fees

Each destination wedding is unique and the cost will vary depending on the location. We will plan a wedding package that will include all expenses so you will never have a surprise cost.

Consultation and wedding photography planning

Consultations are very important for both of us. It helps you to answer any questions you may have, be comfortable with us and how we photograph, and have your peace of mind that everything is being done to have a memorable special day.

To have a smooth photo session, we plan all our photo shoots ahead of time. Knowing the details e.g. the number of family members, any unique relationship, an special item or location, etc. all help to plan and create a smooth photo session.

Organizing the group of family members is often the most time consuming and for us not knowing the names and relationship of everyone, create problems and it is very time consuming. It is often recommended that a member of the bridal party uses a list to keep track and coordinate the families and guest for the photo session.

We offer free consultations to help plan your photography wedding day.

Engagement photo session

The engagement photo session is a fun and very important time for you and for us. We get familiar with the poses that will best suits you so we can plan it for your wedding day. You will know how we work and will be confident that your wedding photos will be a work of art to cherish forever.

Engagement can have one or several locations and can be a short two hours or last several hours. We like to choose unique and interesting locations and props, like old barns, crop fields, vintage buildings, waterfalls, vintage airplanes, locomotives, cars, boats, and most important, a location or prop that is meaningful for you.

Fearless Bridal photo session

"Au contraire" what most people think, the Fearless Bride sessions are a very unique and fun photo opportunities. The old idea of destroying your beautiful dress by taking a swim on the beach or throwing paint all over the dress is done and gone.

Fearless Bride can be a beautiful and creative photo art piece. Unique ideas like riding a horse or a motorcycle, hanging by a wire at CN Tower, or a balloon ride, will make this unique photo session a timeless memory. There is always the extreme like going for sky diving or bungee jumping or even scuba diving.

There is no limit for the fearless bride photo session. Because a Fearless Bride session is so unique and most of them can only be tried once, we usually have two photographers. Most of the time these sessions have to be planed way in advanced and most of them are photographed after the wedding when you are back from your honeymoon.

Wedding coverage locations

Most weddings have four location; the Bride's home, the ceremony, the park, and the reception. Larger weddings usually include the Groom's home and the salon for the bride. Between the ceremony and the reception also can have several extra locations. Planning ahead is very important since time is limited to photograph that beautiful unique moment.

How long is the engagement photo shoot?

Usually being the first photo session we like the engagement to be relaxed, fun and enjoyable. Engagement can have a single location or several locations increasing the length of time and travel time. To take advantage of the beautiful location sceneries and background, usually one to two hour per location is adequate.

How much time do you need to photograph our wedding?

Each wedding is unique and vary with the size of the wedding, wedding party, family members, and number of guest.
We usually ask for two hours per location and on a larger wedding and large families and guest you should consider an extra hour at the park.

Second or third photographer

A wedding is one beautiful and unique event and capturing all the unique images is a remarkable memory recorded forever. Often two photographers are shooting a wedding making your time more enjoyable and giving you the peace of mind that you will have a variety of images from unique angles.

Two photographers also save time, while one is photographing details and guests, the main photographer can concentrate on you. Sometimes a third photographer is also used giving you the opportunity to have unique aerial drone wedding photography.

What is included in Post Production?

Any work done after any photo shoot is considered "post production". These include: custom editing, retouching, digital art, creating composite images, framing, mounting canvas, designing and mounting albums, custom developing film and/or prints, or any other work related done after the photo shoot. The amount of work done is relative to the work required.

Custom Editing

Custom editing will enhance your image in a creative way making it a unique art piece. These can be digital or artistically hand edited e.g. hand painting a Black & White image using real ink instead of digitally editing the image.

Download page with all presented images in "High Definition"

Included in some packages is a Download Webpage with all images presented to you in High Definition (1280 x 850). This is a resolution suitable for any presentation, slide show and even some small print up to (4 x 6). You are free to make any copies and give them to your friends and family. This images include our contact information and all images are copy right protected.

Download page with all presented images in "Full High Definition"

Included in some packages is a Download Webpage with all images presented to you in Full High Definition (1920 x 1280). This is a resolution suitable for any presentation, slide show and even some small print up to (8 x 10). You are free to make any copies for your self and family. These images are not watermarked but include our contact information. All images are copyright protected.

Download page with all presented images in "4K Definition"

Included in some packages ia a Custom USB Drive with all images presented to you in 4K Definition (3840 x 2563). This is a resolution suitable for any presentation, slide show and print up to (11 x 14). You are free to make any copies for your self and family. These images are not watermarked but include our contact information. All images are copyright protected.

All print-ready images in "Full Resolution" with print rights

This is the highest quality image photographed by us and they are watermark free. It include all images presented to you ia a Custom USB Drive with maximum megapixel quality used for large prints and canvas. Also include a document giving you the full rights for personal use of all images.


All our images are protected under the Canadian Copyright Act.
Just like paintings, sculptures, drawings, or any other artistic work, all photographs are protected and it is consider a crime to reproduce them in any way shape or form.
That includes scanning original prints, making prints from a digital file, or even posting them on the internet without the copyright holder consent.

We work hard to deliver creative high quality images, most of us have many years of experience and we are always investing in new equipment, supplies and learning new and amazing techniques to apply in our creative work.
For most photographers this is our livelihood and making copies without our consent is actually contributing to the increasing starving artist population.

If you need more copies of the images we provided to you, we will be glad to provide more images for you at a very low discounted price.
Just contact us and let us know your needs.

Fine Art Museum Quality Prints and Canvas

Our Fine Art Museum Quality Prints are the highest quality, textured, and 100% cotton providing you with exhibition quality prints up to 24x36 inches.
We produce Fine Art Museum Quality Canvas from 8x10 up to 40x60 inches.

Photographer for life

We provide two version of this service:

One that is included in some Deluxe Wedding Packages providing you with a free once a year photo session.
It can be any event up to 2 hours like; maternity or new born, a family portrait, a birthday or other event you require.

The second is more suitable for fashion models, business portraits, on-line websites or business with monthly products.
This service provide a once a month up to 2 hour photo session to update your product and services.

Destination Digital Wedding Packages


$2000.00 + (Destination Fees)


$3000.00 + (Destination Fees)

Destination Digital Wedding Packages Plus

Sunset Fire Opal

$4500.00 + (Destination Fees)


$6000.00 + (Destination Fees)

Destination Deluxe Wedding Package

Blue Diamond

$10,000.00 + (Destination Fees)

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